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Far from its pejorative implications, restlessness is an unease to be embraced. It's the call of the wild. The potential of the unknown. It's the difference between blending in or standing out. It's your impact to the communities around you.

Being restless is the first step to self-fulfilment if you allow it to be, and at each Semi Permanent event across 2020 you'll hear from designers who had no choice but to take bold risks; companies that are pushing the needle towardas the common good; to help you carve your own path.

Latest Stories

Midsommar: Designing the nightmare

Ari Aster's folk-horror masterpiece features some of the most consequential graphic design in recent film history. Here's how they did it.

Takashi Murakami and the cure for restlessness

On restlessness, materials, collaborations and cannibals with the Japanese fine-artist.
Semi Permanent VW Installation

Watch: VW, AKQA, Uber and more discuss what drives design

A framework for automative innovation in the future.
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