Sydney – 2018 – May 24-26
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Sydney – 2018


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May 24-26

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In 2018, we’re exploring 'creative tension as inspiration' - those moments of positive and negative friction that come before a breakthrough.

That time when we as creative thinkers and doers stand on the precipice of change until we learn the things we need to learn, to step forward into the future and design that experience, solve that brief, arrive at that perfect layout or make that life-changing decision.

It’s hard to appreciate those last few steps whilst you’re in them, but as soon as they pass it’s an exciting ride and we sometimes wish we could have appreciated those prior moments a little more - because from continued success we don't learn anything, but from challenge we discover who we really are and where we might want to evolve to.

Let’s enjoy those moments together, amongst our friends and community at SP Sydney 2018.


National Geographic magazine

How to redesign National Geographic

With Patrick Godfrey and Scott Dadich of Godfrey Dadich and Emmet Smith, Creative Director of National Geographic
Thursday 24th May at 11am
Future State

Future State

Sport, Music and Food
Designing for high-performance athletes and the modern-day fan, creating and producing music in the 21st Century & crafting new experiences with Food
Godfrey Dadich

Creating the Netflix series, Abstract with Tinker Hatfield

Patrick Godfrey & Scott Dadich invite legendary NIKE Air Jordan designer, Tinker Hatfield to talk about creating the Netflix series Abstract, The Art of Design
Saturday 26th May, 11am

No Sleep Till Sydney - A round-the-clock collaboration

Go behind the scenes to see the process of creating the Semi Permanent opening titles
With NYC-based, Hong Kong-born, Australian motion designer Joyce N Ho and her cast of collaborators

Making the Future of Work

We believe, we all have the ability to shape what work will look like in the future and at Semi Permanent 2018 we’re going to explore how
Presented by Western Sydney University
More to be announced


AKQA offices

Creating AKQA

With Founder and CEO Ajaz Ahmed
A few lessons and stories from running the creative innovation agency AKQA with 2,100 people across 23 studios in 15 countries
Jonathan Zawada

Painting the Opera House sails

And lots more canvases and surfaces with Jonathan Zawada
Keynote presentation 4pm Saturday 26th May
Googles Empathy Lab

Google's Empathy Lab

Hear from Danielle Krettek, the founder and creator of Google's Empathy Lab, and how she is designing more emotionally-attuned and human-kind experiences
Future State: Music panel - Thursday 24th May and Keynote presentation Saturday 26th May

World-leading design and VFX pioneers

Film, VFX, Gaming and more
For over 20 years The Mill has been producing iconic work across Film, VFX, Gaming and more. In 2018 we welcome The Mill's Elizabeth Newman and Lisha Tan to the SP Stage to hear about the duo's learnings, triumphs and regrets.
More to be announced


Semi permanent 2018 Paula Scher

Paula Scher: How I Really Do Things

Pentagram principal Paula Scher will give a masterclass on the ins and outs of the design industry.
Open to Premium ticket holders

Building a studio from the ground up; culture, creativity, chaos

Motherbird leaves no stone unturned as the team engages in a robust reflection on what it means to run a studio, how they've struggled, how they've excelled and why they will continue to learn and make mistakes.
Open to Premium ticket holders
More to be announced

Speakers and Artists

Ajaz Ahmed CEO – AKQA London, United Kingdom
Alex Schleifer
Alex Schleifer VP of Design – Airbnb San Francisco, United States
Chris Murphy Managing Director, Partner – Motherbird Melbourne, Australia
Dan Evans Design Director, Partner – Motherbird Melbourne, Australia
Dan Stricker Musician Sydney, Australia
Danielle Krettek Principal and Founder – Google's Empathy Lab San Francisco, United States
David Campbell Senior Designer – Mona Hobart, Australia
Elizabeth Newman Executive Producer – The Mill Los Angeles, United States
Emmet Smith Creative Director – National Geographic Partners Washington, United States
Gemma O'Brien
Gemma O'Brien Typographer, hand-letterer and illustrator Sydney, Australia
Jack Mussett
Jack Mussett Creative Director, Partner – Motherbird Melbourne, Australia
Jonathan Zawada Artist & Designer Sydney, Australia
Joyce Ho Semi Permanent 2018
Joyce N. Ho Art director and motion designer Sydney, Australia
Lana Kim Executive Producer / Co-Founder – Ways & Means Los Angeles, United States
Lisha Tan Creative Director - The Mill Los Angeles, United States
Luke Woods VP, Head of Design – Facebook San Francisco, United States
Michael Jeter Associate Creative Director – Dropbox San Francisco, United States
Murray Bell
Murray Bell Director / Founder – Semi Permanent Sydney, Australia
Patrick Godfrey CO-CEO, founder – Godfrey Dadich Partners San Francisco, United States
Paula Sher Pentagram
Paula Scher Graphic Designer, Partner – Pentagram New York, United States
Scott Dadich in Sydney 2015
Scott Dadich CO-CEO, founder – Godfrey Dadich Partners San Francisco, United States
Stu Buchanan Broadcaster & Curator Sydney, Australia
Susan Hoffman Co-Chief Creative Officer – Wieden+Kennedy Portland, United States
Tinker Hatfield
Tinker Hatfield Vice president, creative concepts – Nike San Francisco, United States
Vince Alafaci & Caroline Choker Architect & interior designer – ACME studio Sydney, Australia
More to be announced


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  • Entry to all main talks sessions on this day
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  • Access to interactive installations
  • Several opportunities to network during the event
  • Entry to the Launch Party
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