New Zealand

ColabNZ is designed to be the perfect work/play environment – so whether you want a quiet meeting room to catch up with clients, a chilled living room to relax in and read a book, a breakout area to take Skype calls or if you're feeling competitive and are up for a ‘friendly’ game of table tennis – we have you covered. With 8 floors in 5 buildings, bike racks, balcony beers and a mellow vibed culture we have a HUGE range of options to get you sorted. Members also have access to all of the shared Boardrooms FREE of CHARGE.

ColabNZ is proud to be the home of several rad companies like KamiMish GuruParrot AnalyticsSliday and more. So if you're into making Powermoves and want to be surrounded by like minded individuals then ColabNZ could be up your alley.

Semi Permanent Auckland

Auckland 2016

Including The Future of Business, mind-bending experiences, and speakers from Google Creative Labs, Uber, 72 and Sunny, Graphic Thought Facility, Cleo Wade, Twitter, and many more.

Workshop: Interactive Public Art

With Supernature Design

The Green Fairy

New Zealand’s first Virtual Reality Movie, brought to you by AUT.

Interactive Art Installation: Blossom

By Supernature Design & Xu Cong

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