Following our successful partnership in 2016, Facebook and Instagram are once again collaborating with Semi Permanent to produce exciting and industry leading creative. Excited by this year’s theme 'Design for Change' which has inspired the Facebook and Instagram activation, we're challenging the creative community to defy the status quo and to create content in portrait.  

For over 60 years people have watched video horizontally. It’s how the video evolution started courtesy of TV and cinema. That’s now changing, and changing fast. Just as mobile has revolutionised the way we connect with family and friends, it has also changed the way we view and create video. People now consume video on their mobiles in portrait, instead of rotating the screen. Creators need to think ‘vertical-first’ to have greater impact. 

Vertical video is a new canvas for creative storytelling. The creative community, both artists and advertisers alike, need to build for mobile, using vertical video to create more immersive and engaging experiences for people on Facebook and Instagram. 

Instagram Stories is an exciting new format that provides our community with the ability to share everyday moments, not just the highlights. For businesses, Instagram Stories allows new forms of expression and creativity, reaching an audience they care about. With 200M people now using Instagram Stories every day, it's an exciting and powerful way to tell your story.


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