The Western Sydney University Mentorship Program

The Western Sydney University Mentorship Program

What do Andy Warhol, Oprah Winfrey, Yves St. Laurent and Bill Gates all have in common? Well, like so many other global success stories, they all had mentors early in their careers, whom they all agree, made the difference in reaching such great heights.

And in that spirit of generosity and the fulfilment of young potential, Semi Permanent and Western Sydney University have collaborated to form a mentoring program which matches industry-leading professionals with some of the best and brightest students from WSU.

The inaugural Mentorship Program presented by Semi Permanent, features a range of Mentors from creative and business leaders;

Caon Studio 
Event Cinemas 
Frost Collective
Grumpy Sailor Creative 
League of Geeks
Rabbit Content 
Secret Sounds 
Verb Syndicate 
72 & Sunny


The program provides students with a valuable resource for professional and personal development. While for mentors, it offers a chance to make a material difference to the lives of young people and prepare the next generation of thought-leaders for success in their professional careers.

The structured program ensures regular contact between mentors and students over a set time period, and is focused on how to guide, support and challenge the students. Each pairing will agree on areas of focus, as well as how to make the most of this wonderful collaboration of talent and experience.



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At Western Sydney University we are unlocking the potential of the next generation of global citizens, leaders and change makers.

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