Picture This / Facebook

Picture This / Facebook

Picture This

One photograph, a group of inspiring creatives, five unique stories.

Facebook and Semi Permanent have partnered to celebrate the power of storytelling on mobile.

Inspired by the above Dan Winters photograph, a group of creative minds will each craft their own story that will emotionally move people using Facebook and Instagram products. 

The collaboration highlights that great creative on mobile has the power to stop thumbs and move hearts. Whether through VideoCarouselCanvas or 360 Video, Facebook and Instagram provide a variety of exciting and immersive canvases to share art and tell stories. 

The creative minds communicating these stories range from award-winning directors and writers, through to international photographers and an Archibald Prize finalist. 

To experience the bespoke creations in all their glory, please visit the Facebook business platform

Semi Permanent Sydney 2016

Launching exclusively into the hands of the Semi Permanent creative community, a bespoke area was created where people could watch the first experience, created with Facebook video. 

A bespoke area was created at Semi Permanent Sydney where people could watch the first experience, created with Facebook Video

Moments to Memories / Daniel Mitchell 

The first of five collaborations is by award-winning director and writer, Daniel Mitchell, using Facebook Video.

Traditionally creating content for the big screen, Mitchell saw this an exciting opportunity to connect with people through their most engaging platform - their mobiles.

Inspired by the timeless feel and composition of Dan Winters' photograph, 'Moments to Memories' is about one little boy doing something that is personal to him. 

Mitchell's film is about one little boy doing something that is personal to him. It's about being anything you want to be. 

Cinemagraph / Julian Meagher

Archibald Prize finalist and artist, Julian Meagher took his two-dimensional narratives beyond the canvas with Facebook Cinemagraph. For Meagher, the Dan Winters' image reminded him of those very real moments in time - a brief and honest collection of your history.  Whether you're in the photo booth with your girlfriend as a teenager or taking a photo with a group of your friends, it's the one time you really get to capture yourself, get away from it all and just be in that moment. 

Using the Cinemgraph format, Meagher subverted typical expectations of an oil painting and layered a reflective, peaceful emotion by animating subtle elements of his work. 

Click here to see Meagher's Cinemagraph and here to learn more about his creative process and the inspiration behind this project. 

Julian Meagher in his studio by Mark Jay Photography

Carousel with Sylvè Colless 

Photographer Sylvè Colless has collaborated with Semi Permanent and Facebook on the third part of the Picture This series. Commissioned by highly respected publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, Colless’s commercial photography is inspired by the qualities of natural light and the different ways it can give shape to a form.

Colless explored the notion that each person's experience within a photo booth is unique, prompting a journey through the imagination to a point of transformation. In just four frames, the challenge for Colless was to craft a story that could be understood at a quick glance, yet also intriguing enough to capture the audience's attention and encourage them to journey through all the images for a richer experience. 

Colless believes mobile is opening new and exciting doors for creatives to share their stories.

Click here to see Sylvè's carousel and here to discover how it all came together. 

Behind the scenes of Preludes 1 / Annabella Barber & Sylvè Colless 

360 Video / Alex Smith

Leading the way in taking ground-breaking new ideas from concept to reality, production house Will O’Rourke partnered with Semi Permanent and Facebook to tell a story using Facebook’s 360 video. Collaborating with Director Alex Smith, the team was challenged to create a unique 360 narrative drawn from the inspiration taken from Dan Winters' image, Photo Booth. 

For Smith - this was an exciting new venture. Having director numerous documentaries, commercials, short films and over ninety music videos for a range of artists including Kylie Minogue, Coldplay and Olympia - this project allowed him to push the boundaries of linear narratives and create something truly unique.

Facebook 360's exploratory qualities unlock exciting new layers and add more depths to the way we consume and interact with places, products and experiences. It empowers the audience to instinctively react to surrounding sounds and visuals, creating their own unique journeys and allowing them to attach new meanings to preconceived notions.

Smith drew on the ideas of too many people crammed in a small space, obselete technology and a flash going off as elements for inspiration.

Server Room Symphony is best viewed on the Facebook platform, using your mobile. 

Server Room Symphony / Will O'Rourke

See the stories unfold over the coming weeks at facebook.com/marketingANZ

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