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On to Auckland 2018

Writers dream the future, designers create it

They say that science fiction writers inspire the future, but after speaking to somebody like Dutch designer Carole Baijings you have to wonder whether they got it wrong.
Design 1 week ago

Jer Thorp on making data meaningful

Data artist. Even the term is provocative, its constituent parts seemingly polar opposites, “But I’m fine with that,” says Jer Thorp, data artist, innovator-In-Residence at the Library of Congress in Washington and guest speaker at Semi-Permanent Auckland in August. “I want to challenge expectations.”
Design 1 week ago

What sound does a hamburger make?

Emmy Award winning Swedish composers, Plan8
1 week ago

Trust is the currency of creativity

Design 3 weeks ago

At the intersection of technology and humanity, it’s designers who may save the day

Design 4 weeks ago

Making the Semi Permanent 2018 titles

A scene-by-scene breakdown with motion designer Joyce N. Ho, composer Ambrose Yu and type designer Nicolas Girard.
Business 4 weeks ago

The sharks are free-range and Michael Muller is out of his cage… 

Culture 1 month ago
Jer Thorp

Jer Thorp

Canadian data artist
Design 1 month ago

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