Rare with Google

Semi Permanent is the exclusive production partner of Google’s global diversity and inclusion program; Rare with Google.

  • Production

  • Curation

  • Logistics

  • Talent Management

  • Art Direction

  • Social Media & Digital Management

  • Ticketing & Registration

  • Content Capture & Development

Rare with Google addresses the distinct lack of diversity in the creative industry through workshops and seminars designed to empower underrepresented creatives.
Since 2018, we have produced a series of masterclasses, workshops, executive retreats and fellowships across New York, Las Vegas, Cannes, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore and Durban.
In 2020, with the development of Covid-19, we supported the pivot of the global program to a high-quality digital experience. In this time we have produced in excess of 60+ bespoke content pieces ranging from presentations, workshops and panels, facilitated 18+ workshop modules across three global regions - APAC, EMEA and USA to a total of 60+ hand picked “rare” talent from around the world.
In 2021, we will innovate with Rare once more, moving toward a hybrid physical and digital event and production model.
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