The Studio

We developed ‘The Studio’ for Dropbox; a collaborative workspace that featured art exhibitions, film screenings and intimate Q&A's.

  • Strategy

  • Production

  • Art Direction

  • Curation

  • Media & Content Capture

We worked with Dropbox to develop ‘The Studio’ - the creative hub of Semi Permanent Sydney; a place to relax, connect and be inspired.
Featuring art exhibitions, film screenings and intimate Q&A sessions, along with a range of spaces built for our audience to take meetings or just relax, and watch the hustle and bustle of the foyer pass by.
The Studio was also used as a backdrop for the ‘Founders Q&A’ content series, featuring Semi Permanent Founder and Creative Director Murray Bell interviewing Creative Director Michael Canning, Photographer Scott Serfas, and Music Video Producer Lana Kim.
The Studio accommodated 2,000+ attendees over the course of the three-day event.