Tom Sachs

Life and Death with Tom Sachs

A discussion with sculpturist, artist, filmmaker, commentator and designer Tom Sachs from his studio in New York City.
Culture 2 weeks ago
Ace Hotel Chicago

Redesigning Hospitality

With Kelly Sawdon, Vice President of Ace Hotel
Culture 1 month ago
Sarah Hoover

The Business of Art with Sarah Hoover

What it means to be an artist liaison at one of the world's strongest institutions.
Business 1 month ago
Taylor Steele

Stealing Memories with Taylor Steele

The veteran surf filmmaker talks us through his next and most ambitious film, 'Proximity'.
Culture 2 months ago
John C. Jay profile

John C Jay In Conversation

No matter what your pursuit, this may be the most valuable interview you’ve ever read.
Business 2 months ago


“All my heroes are people who teach me about pushing buttons and pushing myself to a point where I can make you feel something.”
Culture 3 months ago
Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone will have a seat at Semi Permanent

The legendary filmmaker and storyteller has joined the Sydney 2017 lineup
Culture 4 months ago

Semi Permanent



Culture is a collective creative expression built from design. It’s a representation of how we think, feel, create and appreciate.

Take Rene Redzepi - he’s a chef, yet the careful curation of ingredients, textures and colours that go into the design of each dish, has the power to change the way we appreciate and experience food.

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