Five things every designer should do at Vivid Sydney

Get your design fix at Australia's festival of light, music and ideas.
Design 3 days ago

No Sleep Till Sydney: Part II

Ten collaborators, one big interview. Continue the journey of designing this year's Semi Permanent title sequence with Joyce N. Ho.
Design 1 week ago

The pursuit of knowledge with Mona

With David Campbell, senior designer at the Museum of Old and New Art.
Design 2 weeks ago

Isle of Dogs: Designing the details

Lead designer Erica Dorn takes you behind the scenes of Wes Anderson's latest masterpiece.
Design 3 weeks ago

Strange Loops with Jonathan Zawada

Abstraction and realism with multi-disciplinary artist (and Semi Permanent speaker) Jonathan Zawada.
Design 1 month ago

Nike Air Max Day: A brief history

How Nike activated a global fan base behind one of its most iconic shoe designs.
Design 1 month ago

No sleep till Sydney: Part I

Meet motion designer Joyce N. Ho on her journey to designing the 2018 Semi Permanent Sydney opening titles.
Design 2 months ago

Semi Permanent


Everything we do in our day-to-day lives is a product of someone else’s design; the clothes we wear, our method of transport, the way we communicate.

It’s a problem-solving process of logic, imagination, intuition and reasoning that has the power to create serious impact.

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