Semi Permanent Auckland titles

MPC’s Marc Smith rummages about in his “great ideas never realized” folder and finds a furry friend to take center-stage in the title sequence for Semi Permanent Auckland.
Design 3 weeks ago

On balance and burnout with Gemma O’Brien

The Australian artist shares her tips for sustainable success.
Design 3 weeks ago

Jonathan and Josh Baker are on the verge of time

A gun, a basketball court, and an Australian origin story worthy of Hollywood's biggest players.
Design 1 month ago

Paula Scher: One more thing...

Have some career advice from one of the best in the world.
Design 1 month ago

Writers dream the future, designers create it

They say that science fiction writers inspire the future, but after speaking to Dutch designer Carole Baijings you have to wonder whether they got it wrong.
Design 2 months ago

Jer Thorp on making data meaningful

Insights with Jer Thorp, data artist and innovator-In-Residence at the Library of Congress in Washington.
Design 2 months ago

Trust is the currency of creativity

With famed New York director Alan Bibby
Design 2 months ago

Semi Permanent


Everything we do in our day-to-day lives is a product of someone else’s design; the clothes we wear, our method of transport, the way we communicate.

It’s a problem-solving process of logic, imagination, intuition and reasoning that has the power to create serious impact.

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