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Where we talk about who we are and what we do.

Seeing the invisible: a conversation with Refik Anadol

We’ve had a timing mix-up (iCal time-zone fails). While nominally I’m a day ahead, when Anadol starts describing his work I begin to think I’m living in the past; or, more likely, that he’s occupying a point in future. Maybe he’s been sent back in time to save the planet from machine overlords (that old trope)? No, he seems too nice. Anyone who signs off from an interview by saying, “I hope I haven’t been too dreamy”, has not come back in time to prevent humankind’s destruction. 

Between the lines: a conversation with Shantell Martin

Some artists prefer anonymity; letting their work, and only their work, do the talking. Shantell Martin is not that kind of artist. 

Kim Gehrig: Directions

The award-winning director behind films for Nike, Gilette and a black-pencil winning piece for Libresse shares her secrets to success on both sides of the camera.

David Rudnick: Ideologies

A conversation on modern education and methodology with the enigmatic EU-based graphic designer.

Designing the Mind Gamers experience

How Mind Gamers and Oculus created a hybrid VR and live dance production for Semi Permanent.

What is the truth? | Lessons from Semi Permanent 2019

What we learnt over three days at Semi Permanent Sydney 2019

Semi Permanent


Everything we do in our day-to-day lives is a product of someone else’s design; the clothes we wear, our method of transport, the way we communicate.

It’s a problem-solving process of logic, imagination, intuition and reasoning that has the power to create serious impact.

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