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10-12 September 2020
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Just as New Zealand sees the first sunrise of the day, so too has it been a testing ground for new ideas and restless minds. Semi Permanent Auckland will act as a North Star for those in creativity and business, offering a glimpse into the future of work and valuable lessons in self-preservation as it happens.

In 2020 we'll be bringing a lineup that crosses design, art, technology, fashion, music, architecture and more spread across a variety of large and intimate experiences.

Our 2020 theme is RESTLESS.

We live in a time of unparalleled transformation, but the challenges posed by this rate of change are unsolvable by traditional processes and ideas. We need restless individuals, restless cities and restless ideas to make up the difference. Put simply, there is no time for anything less.


Unique to past years, we'll be announcing the majority of the event lineup on January 28 and simultaneously putting tickets on sale. Make sure you join the mailing list to not miss out on any announcements or your tickets — the 2019 event sold out.


Auckland talks program

Announced on January 28, we'll once again present a lineup of the world's most forward-thinking creative and business minds. Click here to see if you can guess some clues.
Tickets on sale January 28

Workshops and labs

Learn new practices that fast-track creativity, energise teamwork and supercharge productivity.
Included in your event ticket

Installations and exhibitions

Large-scale creative executions from those with something to say.
Included in your event ticket.


Let's make some friends.
Private and public functions included with your ticket
Event packs

Event pack

Your Semi Permanent experience continues long after you've left the venue.
General or Premium packs, included with your event ticket
More to be announced


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