Art of the title sequence with Elastic

Art of the title sequence with Elastic SP Auckland 2019
About Elastic – 
Elastic is a collection of visual storytellers who use a complete range of techniques, from design to animation, live-action to VFX, live events to immersive media to bring new. 
Their work has earned accolades at film and advertising festivals around the world, earning top honors at Cannes, Annecy, the Academy Awards, the Emmys, D&AD, SXSW, and many others. 
Interactive Workshop 
At the heart of all great entertainment is a great story. From compelling TV series and awe-inspiring blockbusters through to captivating commercials or ground-breaking digital experiences, they all rely on clear storytelling and strong ideas. 
Join two of the worlds best Female Title Directors for an interactive discussion on the what why, where, when and how of Creating & Directing Titles.