Include to innovate
Homogenous teams produce homogenous outcomes. Diverse teams, built on different perspectives and experiences, get to more original, more innovative ideas – faster. So, by that logic, you’re only as innovative as you are inclusive. In this 90 minute program hosted by Rare, you’ll discover the power of difference, and learn how to work more inclusively – for the good of your work.
Program agenda
This is Rare 
Opening words from Rare Co-Founder, Stefanie DiGianvincenzo, and Rare Co-Chair, Anna Hunt.
Flash series: The power of difference

Four rare talents share how, by embracing their differences and staying true to themselves, they were able to break new ground.
A different lens
Helena Brooks 
When you don’t like what you’re seeing or hearing, step in and do something. Here, Helena Brooks shares how by changing the proportion of women in media, we can drive a shift towards a more inclusive media landscape.
A different path
Brad Smeele
Brad, a world-champion wakeboarder, explores how one pivotal moment altered his perspective, his passion, and his purpose.
A different law
Sarka Pancochova
Sarka shares how she used her influence as an Olympic snowboarder to take a stand on an issue that’s close to her heart.
A different language
Takunda Muzondiwa 
Takunda draws on her experience of language, heritage and home to pen some of the most insightful and progressive prose in current times.
Question time!

Our flash speakers return to the stage to answer questions from the audience.
Designing with not for
The story of Kupu
Featuring Hannah Bay (Spark), Tanya (Te Aka), Iain Nealie (Google) and Mike Davidson (Colenso BBDO)
Never before have brands been so invested in social good. And while we’re seeing many campaigns and products being developed in the spirit of inclusion, few have hit the mark with the communities they’re developed for. Why? Because the teams behind the products made the mistake of designing for communities, rather than with.
Not the case with Kupu, though. The team at Spark, Colenso BBDO and Google made prioritised collaboration and cultural immersion – even above speed and budget. And what they helped create is making real, meaningful impact. Here, they take us on the project journey, and share how we can all create with.
Closing performance

Pūoro Jērome