Lean UX: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Silverstripe — Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2022

Join Silverstripe creative director James Ford to dive into best lean UX practice, fast prototyping, making the right kind of assumptions, and validating with user testing.

No matter what you're doing, we all want to get things right the first time. It’s easy to dedicate hours, weeks, and months to refining, editing and getting things perfect. But what happens if you don't get it right?
Introducing Lean UX - make assumptions, fail fast, and get ready to pivot. Learn how to use design thinking to empathise with your users and focus on creating solutions that can be tested, iterated on and improved.
The Silverstripe design team demonstrate how design thinking principles can be applied to Lean UX design practice through this hands-on, two-hour workshop.

What to expect

Expect to learn through doing, in a fast-paced workshop that teaches you how to use design thinking to solve problems, through using design thinking to solve problems, meta right?

What you'll get out of it

You’ll learn a lean workshop-based approach to solving problems using design thinking methodologies that can be applied to any setting from app design to marketing collateral and physical product.


Bring yourself, an open mind, and a water bottle.