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26 May - 22 December 2016
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Hello, and welcome to what was a much more evolved experience at Semi Permanent Sydney 2016.

We ditched the lectern and curated an exciting new program that focused not only on inspiring, but also enabling the creative community. 

The Thursday and Friday programs were about giving real-time, global insights into getting the best out of your business or your role within one. It’s about sitting next to, or mingling with like-minded people that will open the doors for potential collaborations and partnerships. 

Future State sessions with the likes of Google, Netflix, Uber, Facebook, ACE Hotels, Atlassian, IDEO, Airbnb and more, gave attendees expert advice and a direct insight into the innovative ideas that are transforming our world. Want to do business? Want to know where your industry might be in 10 years?

Saturday was curated to give the emerging community the chance to upskill and maximise the potential to make some noise in respective industries. For those looking to enter the workforce, change careers, or start a company - this was the day for you.

We also offered some lessons and learnings around the benefit of a mentor | mentee relationship - by far one of the most valuable tools in any industry - as well as access to interactive workshops including the NIDA sessions aimed at teaching people how to present their ideas in front of a crowd and the bespoke Standord private audience experience built around motivation and collaboration.


Future State

Future State

Technology and global connections - Presented by Qantas
As technology and the online world continue to evolve at lightning speed, the world's most innovative minds at the forefront of driving this change from Google, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Atlassian and more, give us their expert opinion on what lies ahead.
The Future of Travel

Future State

Transportation and communities - Presented by Qantas
Innovation in the transportation and hospitality industry is giving rise to a safer, efficient and more enjoyable commute. We bring you a stellar lineup of experts from Ace Hotel, Commune Design, TEAGUE and more, to discuss the future of travel.
Christopher Doyle and Josie Young

Mentor | Mentee

Exploring the relationship between master and apprentice with Christopher Doyle and friends
Building a business or finding your feet in a new industry is always a challenge, but when you get it right, it opens the door to endless possibilities.


NIDA interactive workshop series

NIDA Interactive Workshops

Be the boss in the room
Custom-created experiences that will give you the skills to engage, influence and build genuine connections with your client, boss or collaborator.
Stanford D School at Semi Permanent

The Secret Sitting Next to You

A Stanford audio experience
Stanford, the world's leading educators of design thinking methodology, have designed a special remote experience for Semi Permanent. Much more than a workshop or talk, this will be an immersive interactive experience, not to be missed.
Gemma O'Brien knows how to nurture her community

Using your craft to build a community Masterclass

Growing and nurturing a social community
As the creative landscape changes, our ability to connect with an audience grows closer. But how do you build and satisfy followers and supporters - Join Gemma O'Brien, Sha'an d'Anthes (Furry Little Peach) and more for this Masterclass to unlock some secrets.

AWARD School Challenge

Three scholarships to be awarded
Australia's leading school for budding creatives is hosting a unique workshop challenge. Under the guidance of Sydney's leading creative directors, 15 candidates will solve a diversity brief for ANZ, Toyota and Meat & Livestock Australia brands, with three prestigious 2017 AWARD School scholarships on offer.

Film Screening: Brief Encounters

Inside Gregory Crewdson's epic production of movie-like images
AWARD Awards

AWARD Awards

Advertising's best now at Semi Permanent
The Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association - now in its 37th year is the single most important regional awards show. And for the first time ever... it's coming to Semi Permanent.
Lauren Bath

The Future of Travel Photography Workshop

Presented by Olympus
Learn how to best engage and communicate with audiences through photography and technology, and how you could be awarded a slice of the $100,000 Olympus Vision Project creative grant.

Speakers and Artists

Alexie Glass-Kantor Executive Director of Artspace, Sydney & Curator, Encounters, Art Basel | Hong Kong Sydney, Australia
Andy Bateman Founder & CEO, Everyone Sydney, Australia
Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro Producer / Director / Cinematographer New York, United States
Breana Bunce
Breana Bunce Strategy Consultant, Present Company Sydney, Australia
Christopher Doyle
Christopher Doyle Founder, Christopher Doyle & Co. Sydney, Australia
Dantley Davis
Dantley Davis Director of Product AI, AR and Camera Experience – Facebook San Francisco, United States
Dav Rauch
Dav Rauch Dav Rauch, is Futurist at IDEO San Francisco, United States
Kathryn Del Barton
Del Kathryn Barton Artist Sydney, Australia
Ethan Eismann Design Director of Product Experience at Über
Ethan Eismann Director of Design - Homes – Airbnb San Francisco, United States
Filipe Carvalho
Filipe Carvalho Film and TV designer and director Lisbon, Portugal
Gary Baseman in Portland, 2013
Gary Baseman Artist, painter, illustrator, video and performance artist, animator, TV/movie producer, curator, and toy designer. Los Angeles, United States
Gemma O'Brien
Gemma O'Brien Artist & Designer Sydney, Australia
Gregory Crewdson
Gregory Crewdson Photographer / Filmmaker Connecticut, United States
Hector Ouilhet
Hector Ouilhet Google Search, Head of Design San Francisco, United States
Jack Mussett
Jack Mussett Creative Director, Partner – Motherbird Melbourne, Australia
Jacqueline Bourke
Jacqueline Bourke Getty Images Senior Creative Insights Manager London, United Kingdom
James Brown, MASH
James Brown Founder, Design studio MASH Adelaide, Australia
Jess Scully
Jess Scully Curator, festival director and media producer Sydney, Australia
Jessica Hische
Jessica Hische Artist, Illustrator, Author New York, United States
Jim Bull at Moving Brands
Jim Bull Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office at Moving Brands San Francisco, United States
Jon Lax Facebook, Director of Product Design San Francisco, United States
Jon Wiley Director of Immersive Design at Google
Jon Wiley Google, Director of Immersive Design San Francisco, United States
Josie Young
Josie Young Graphic Designer, Christopher Doyle & Co. Sydney, Australia
Jurgen Spangl Atlassian, Head of Design Sydney, Australia
Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw Airbnb Head of Talent Design & Learning San Francisco, United States
Kelly Sawdon
Kelly Sawdon Ace Hotel Group, Partner & Chief Brand Officer Los Angeles, United States
Kevin Jenkins Supervising Art Director at Industrial Light & Magic
Kevin Jenkins Supervising Art Director at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) London London, United Kingdom
Lauren Bath
Lauren Bath Photographer Sydney, Australia
Design by Toko
Michael Lugmayr Founder / Director, Design by Toko Sydney, Australia
Mitchell Oakley Smith
Mitchell Oakley Smith Journalist, editor, author and curator Sydney, Australia
Philipp Steiner TEAGUE, Senior Creative Director Seattle, United States
Robyn Holt
Robyn J. Holt Consultant for project management, strategic thinking and leadership. Sydney, Australia
Sha’an d’Anthes
Sha'an d'Anthes The Sydney based illustrator behind Furry Little Peach Sydney, Australia
Vince Frost
Vince Frost Founder and Executive Creative Director of Frost*collective Sydney, Australia


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