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23-26 May 2019
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Welcome to Semi Permanent Sydney 2019

For our 2019 event, we tackled the theme of truth: how to wield it, how to overcome those who seek to blur it, and if it’s even a necessary ingredient on the path to success. 

We invited an extraordinary roster of voices within and between multiple disciplines of design to explore these notions. Some you will have heard of (CJ Hendry, Michel Gondry, The New York Times), and others we can’t wait to introduce you to (Anagrama, Erica Dorn, Beth O'Brien).

Thanks to everyone who came, and we look forward to seeing you again next year


Future State Sydney

Future State

Levi's, VICE, The New York Times, SONOS and many more come together for a discussion on the future of business.
For all ticket-holders — Thu 23 May

Leading without a Title

Google, Toben and Western Sydney University break down barriers that define roles by their titles. 
For all ticket-holders — Sat May 25

Designing your career

Join two award winning creatives over canapés to discuss the tricks to designing your career at its earliest stages. Presented in collaboration with Western Sydney University.
Side Event

Future Youth

Join us for an afternoon where we delve into what it means to be young in 2019, the attitudes and behaviours affecting our lifestyles. Presented in collaboration with Andpeople.
Side Event


Anagrama (MEX)

Design intelligence from Mexico City's finest, with CEO Daniela Garza.
Saturday May 25 - all ticket holders

CJ Hendry (AU/USA)

Discussing a life in detail with the acclaimed New York-based artist.
Saturday May 25 — all ticket holders

Michel Gondry: 35-28-55 (FR/USA)

The Oscar-winning director takes us inside his dreams.
Friday May 24 — all ticket holders

Erica Dorn: Designing Isle of Dogs (UK)

A lesson in world building for the Oscar-nominated masterpiece.
Sat May 25 — all ticket holders

The Art of the Trailer with Mark Woollen (USA)

The go-to trailer director teaches you the unsung art of Hollywood marketing.
Fri May 24 — all ticket holders

Deus Ex Machina

Learn the secrets to starting a cult global lifestyle brand.
Thu May 24 — all ticket holders

Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks

Two Emmy-award winning title designers teach you their process.
Fri May 24 — all ticket holders

PJ Richardson (USA)

A masterclass in motion design for the world's most iconic brands.
Sat May 25 — all ticket holders

Future Deluxe (UK/USA)

A collision of technology and design.
Friday May 24 — all ticket holders


Cj Hendry

Premium Q&A: CJ Hendry and Alexie Glass-Kantor

An intimate Q&A with New York City-based artist CJ Hendry and Art Basel curator Alexie Glass-Kantor.
For Premium ticket-holders only — Friday 24 May

Premium Experience: Hands-on workshop with Wes Anderson's Designer Erica Dorn

Step inside the world of a Wes Anderson brief in this intimate workshop with Isle of Dogs lead designer Erica Dorn.
For Premium ticket-holders only — Saturday 25 May

Premium Experience: Creating meaningful AR experiences with Sam Keene from Google

Sam Keene — AR/VR lead UX engineer with Google — teaches you practical tips on how to weave AR/VR into your scope of work and add true value to clients.
For premium ticket-holders only - Thursday 23 May

Premium Experience: Lunch with Levi's Head of Sustainability

Join Michael Kobori over lunch for an intimate conversation on his career driving sustainability at the iconic label.
For premium ticket-holders only — Thursday 23rd May


In an outrageous act of mechanomorphisim, AKQA and Semi Permanent present their Neuromuscle experiment at Carriageworks - a game-playing AI designed to operate through the human body
For all ticket-holders

Rare - Masterclass

RARE brings its leadership masterclass for underrepresented creatives back to Sydney as part of Semi Permanent.
By application-only

National Geographic and R/GA: The 'Make Good' Project

National Geographic and global innovation consultancy R/GA are seeking young Australian changemakers to participate in a first-of-its-kind innovation lab at Semi Permanent.
By application-only

Jonathan Zawada: House of Genetic Diversity

A celebration of genetic variation in all of its forms by celebrated artists Jonathan Zawada and Mark Pritchard.
All ticket holders.

Volkswagen's world-first VR and AR exhibition

Catch the debut of a new immersive VR and AR experience at Semi Permanent and a world-first innovation for the automotive industry.
All ticket-holders

Levi's: Sustainability Showcase

Both a large-scale installation and showcase of Levi's work as a sustainability leader in the fashion industry.
For all ticket-holders

Breakfast with Anagrama (MEX) and SouthSouthWest (MELB)

Join Daniela Garza (Anagrama) and Andy Sargent (SouthSouthWest) over breakfast at QT Sydney to hear from two of the most unique design studios in the world.

Isle of Dogs film-screening and Q&A with Erica Dorn

Join Erica Dorn, the lead-designer behind Isle of Dogs for a special Q&A and film screening of Wes Anderson's masterpiece at QT Sydney.
Side Event

Vivid Ideas 2019 Highlights

Vivid Ideas brings you 23 days and nights of future-facing talks, hands-on workshops and industry-shaping forums so you can come up with new ways of thinking and maybe even try a new way of being.

The Semi Permanent 2019 Book

More interviews, discussions and essays from the best designers in the world.
All ticket holders.

Speakers and Artists

CJ Hendry Artist New York, United States
Tim Devine
Tim Devine Executive Creative Director AKQA Melbourne, Australia
Adrian Laurence Owner / Creative Director - FutureDeluxe London, United Kingdom
Alma Har'el
Alma Har'el Director and founder of Free The Bid Los Angeles, United States
Andy Sargent
Andy Sargent Co-Founder and Creative Director, South South West Melbourne, Australia
Carby Tuckwell
Carby Tuckwell Creative Director and Founder, Deus Ex Machina Sydney, Australia
Dan Portrait Founder, Kamp Grizzly Portland, United States
Daniela Garza Creative Partner & CEO, Anagrama Mexico City, Mexico
Dr Daniel McAullay Mode Black Perth, Australia
Dr Sandra Eades Nyoongar physician, researcher and professor Melbourne, Australia
Emelda Davis President, Australian South Sea Islanders Sydney, Australia
Erica Dorn Graphic Designer and Illustrator London, United Kingdom
Ian Spalter
Ian Spalter Head of Design at Instagram San Francisco, United States
James Callahan Partner - FutureDeluxe London, United Kingdom
Jason Woodside New York, United States
Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, South South West Melbourne, Australia
Jonathan Zawada Artist & Designer Sydney, Australia
Katja Hartung
Katja Hartung Founder, Toben Sydney, Australia
Keala Kennelly
Keala Kennelly Professional Surfer Sydney, Australia
Mark Woollen
Mark Woollen Trailer Director Los Angeles, United States
Michael Gough Vice President of Design – Uber San Francisco, United States
Michael Kobori
Michael Kobori Vice-President, Sustainability Levi Strauss & Co. San Francisco, United States
Michael Leon
Michael Leon Global Creative Director, Sonos Los Angeles, United States
Michel Gondry
Michel Gondry Director Los Angeles, United States
Oliver Percovich
Oliver Percovich Founder of Skateistan Melbourne, Australia
Patrick Clair
Patrick Clair Titles Designer Los Angeles, United States
Professor Simon Barrie
Professor Simon Barrie Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning Futures) – Western Sydney University Sydney, Australia
Raoul Marks
Raoul Marks Emmy-award winning, Bafta-nominated filmmaker/designer Melbourne, Australia
Rosie Mansfield Celebrity cook, nutritionist & author Sydney, Australia
Royce Akers
Royce Akers Creative Director - Vice Melbourne, Australia
Sam Keene AR / VR Lead UX Engineer at Google San Francisco, United States
Tara Mckenty
Tara Mckenty Creative Director – Google APAC Sydney, Australia
Tom Armstrong
Tom Armstrong VP, New York Times Singapore, Singapore


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