Anagrama (MEX)


25 May 2019, 02:00 PM

Daniela Garza is a graphic designer, graduated from the University of Monterrey with a degree in Graphic Design and Honors for the ZED project, now called GALANT, management software and organization of creative companies, managed by Anagrama and available online. Currently residing in Mexico City.

Daniela Garza is CEO and creative director of Anagrama, an agency specialized in brand experiences through 3 main units: Branding, Architecture, and Web. Anagrama has a team of 45 creatives and has two physical offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. As well as sales representatives in New York and Tokyo.

As CEO, Daniela is responsible for the growth of the study, as well as for the creative management of projects, leadership, and team development.

Daniela along with her team attend a creative approach to the study projects. Some of their skills and strengths are Brand strategy, Identity consulting, Brand architecture, Naming, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, and Graphic communication.

Today, Daniela actively participates in the academic industry as a professor, as a workshop leader and speaker at events related to art and design inside and outside the country. Also, Daniela has participated in events related to gender and female empowerment.