AI Neuromuscle

23 May 2019, 06:00 AM

In an outrageous act of mechanomorphisim, AKQA and Semi Permanent present their Neuromuscle experiment at Carriageworks.

Neuromuscle is a game-playing AI designed to operate through the human body. A robotic version of Neuromuscle will be installed for the full three days of the festival. Visitors will be able to watch the AI play and evolve in real time to become smarter, faster and more resilient than any human.
The project is intended as allegory for the anxieties around the perceived supremacy of artificial intelligence, and what AI development will mean for the future of human work and purpose.
Like a Black Mirror episode made real, this physical, audiovisual installation promises to be as impressive as it is unnerving.
AKQA will present their AI-led Neuromuscle experiment at Semi Permanent Sydney 2019