The Art of the Trailer with Mark Woollen (USA)

Mark Woollen-1

24 May 2019, 03:30 PM

Mark Woollen & Associates have created some of the most memorable and effective motion picture advertising of the last twenty years. From award-winning campaigns for "Schindler's List," to "The Social Network" their approach has always been to find the most innovative and intelligent ways to market exceptional films.
What started as a one-man operation several years ago has grown into a team of over twenty highly skilled producers, writers, editors and graphic designers, who bring their unique vision to every marketing challenge, from critically acclaimed indies to the year's biggest blockbusters. MWA has become the exclusive agency of choice for many award-winning filmmakers and has created campaigns for some of the biggest Oscar contenders in recent history. Their work has been honored with dozens of Golden Trailer and Key Art Awards and has garnered attention from the New York Times, Vanity Fair, NPR and Wired Magazine.
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In conversation with Kate Jinx, director of programming at Golden Age Cinema.