Gemma Banks & Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith – PERMANENT Art Book Fair, Semi Permanent Sydney 2022
Gemma Banks – PERMANENT Art Book Fair, Semi Permanent Sydney 2022
Gemma Banks is an Ōtautahi born artist and designer based in Sydney. Her interest in books has recently generated collaborative projects with kuku-yalanji artist Tiarna Herczeg and journalist Brittany Mann exploring how essays shared online can take other lives, and the way book-making and reproduction can shift the encounter of artworks. Gemma has an ongoing connection with Running Water Community Press a publisher in Mparntwe/Alice Springs devoted to writing and truth-telling from the central desert. She has been involved in designing and printing a number of books for Canterbury University Press and has recently been published in Share/Cheat/Unite, Hamster and Femisphere. Gemma currently works at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Dylan Smyth is a person, originally created in 1984 he has since developed into what is commonly referred to as an ‘adult’ and also, an artist. Dylan’s art focuses on built things, he is fascinated by the things we put together with great difficulty and call our homes. He reckons these built things tell us a lot about society and the individuals that drink their cups of tea and wash their unmentionables within them. Dylan’s latest works include his ongoing series ‘A Typology of Australian Domestic Architecture’ and ‘Dick Pics’ a celebration of the gloriously phallic Queens Wharf Tower Newcastle NSW.