Future of the Future

Future of the Future

Future of the Future proudly presented with Spark Lab.

A high-speed high impact programme of live business briefings delivered by ground breakers and future shapers at the world’s most disruptive companies.
These leader-driven insights into what to expect next will inspire reflection, dialogue and action, and stimulate the type of business thinking that will enable New Zealand businesses to embrace the future with confidence.

It is a moment in time – to stimulate new thinking amongst those who attend it and opportunities for making connections with like-minded people. Its goal is to bring business leaders together to stimulate new thinking and inspire them to drive their own organisations forward.

Speakers and Artists

Ana Arriola General Manager & Partner, AI + Research & Search Seattle, United States
Bruce Mau Chief Design Officer of Freeman, the Co-Founder & CEO - MCN Chicago, United States
Charles Adler Founder – Lost Arts & Co-Founder Kickstarter Chicago, United States
Ivy Ross Vice President, Design for Hardware Products – Google San Francisco, United States

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