Modern mindfulness & meditation for the real world

Modern mindfulness & meditation for the real world

Launched in London in September 2016 by Modern Meditator and Social Change Maker, Michael James Wong, Just Breathe was started as a small gathering of friends and local community members who were inspired to turn the volume down. The aim of that first event, or Grand Gatherings, as it's still called today, was simple, to bring together a group of people to sit together, to breathe and just be.  Little did we know that over 200ppl would show up to that first event. And it was a beautiful thing. 

At Just Breathe we teach a simple, straight forward, agnostic, meditation technique that allows you expand your self awareness, remove built up stress in the system and establish a deep state of rest, calm and ease in the body.
It’s easy to learn, effortless to practice, and enables you to become a self-sufficient meditator with the tools and techniques that can help you turn the volume down anywhere, anytime, every single day


Join Nicola Peters and Just Breath
Top Floor, Aotea Centre 
12pm, Friday, August 10



Speakers and Artists

Nicola Peters Director – Just Breathe London, United Kingdom


Aotea Centre

50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, New Zealand

11th Aug 2018

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm

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