Bompas & Parr Installation

Bompas & Parr Installation

Semi Permanent is very excited to be partnering with Bompas & Parr on the 2016 stage & set design. 

Bompas & Parr will create a unique installation channeling the instinctual power that comes from the gut, the creative strut that sits at the core of the creative and inspirational process.

We don't want to give too much away but we will tell you they'll be taking the notion of 'gut instincts' to a whole new level...

*You must have a Semi Permanent ticket to view this installation. 

Perrier Jouet Fleurs / Photo by Ann Charlott Ommedal

Speakers and Artists

Bompas & Parr Co-Founders, Sam Bompas & Harry Parr London, United Kingdom


Aotea Centre

50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, New Zealand

12th Aug 2016

9:00 am

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