Future of the Future

Future of the Future

We think the best people to shed light on the future of business are those that are working to define what it might look like. Join our Future of the Future Congress and hear the world’s leading creative, technical and social visionaries from the world’s most disruptive companies – Spotify, Uber, Google, Netflix, and Facebook – share their knowledge and insight about what to expect next.

What should New Zealand companies be thinking about to ensure success and relevance in 20, 30 or even 50 years? Join the Future of the Future and give your team a head-start that will move them forward with confidence into this rapidly changing world.

Venue: Aotea Centre, Auckland
Thursday 9 August, 7:00am - 1:00 pm 
Included: Breakfast, Supreme Coffee and Morning Tea 
Open to 3 Day Ticket and 1 Day Thursday Ticket holders only
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Speakers and Artists

Andrew Law Director of Product Design – Netflix San Francisco, United States
Chris Wiggins VP of Product – Spotify New York, United States
Ethan Eismann Design Director of Product Experience at Über
Ethan Eismann Director of Design - Homes – Airbnb San Francisco, United States
Julia Peter Artificial Intelligence Design – Facebook San Francisco, United States
Michael Gough Vice President of Design – Uber San Francisco, United States
Sara Ortloff Khoury Director, UX design - Google Cloud San Francisco, United States

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