Future State

Future State

Presented by Qantas

From realisitic expectations to imaginative speculations, this session brings together an expert panel across technology, communications and transportation to discuss the future of the online world and global connections. 

"Uber is defining the future of transportation, and that's just the beginning."

Ethan Eismann, Director of Product Design, Uber
Virtual Reality is told by google
Virtual Reality as told by google
Uber talks transportation as the core to urban fabric
Uber talks transportation as the core of urban fabric

The Moderator for these sessions are Dav Rauch, IDEO Futurist and Kate Shaw, Head of Talent Design and Learning at Airbnb

Speakers and Artists

Hector Ouilhet
Hector Ouilhet Google Search, Head of Design San Francisco, United States
Dantley Davis
Dantley Davis Director of Product AI, AR and Camera Experience – Facebook San Francisco, United States
Jurgen Spangl Atlassian, Head of Design Sydney, Australia
Ethan Eismann Design Director of Product Experience at Über
Ethan Eismann Director of Design - Homes – Airbnb San Francisco, United States
Jon Lax Facebook, Director of Product Design San Francisco, United States
Jon Wiley Director of Immersive Design at Google
Jon Wiley Google, Director of Immersive Design San Francisco, United States
Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw Airbnb Head of Talent Design & Learning San Francisco, United States
Dav Rauch
Dav Rauch Dav Rauch, is Futurist at IDEO San Francisco, United States



Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015

27th May 2016

3:50 pm - 5:00 pm

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