Future State

Future State

In 2018 our Future State panels will cover everything from realistic expectations to imaginative speculations, across three cultural pillars: Sport, Music and Food. Each session will bring together an expert panel of guests to discuss the future state of;

Music - Forget streaming algorithms and Beats to Study/Relax To. We've asked a Google AI expert, a record label head and an industry icon to explore music in the era of deep sonic personalisation.
Thursday May 25, 01:45pm
Stu Buchanan, Broadcaster & Curator
Dan Stricker, Musician
Danielle Krettek, AI Expert

Sport - Whoever designs the best performance wins. From the athlete to the fan, it's time to stop thinking about sport as a one-sided discussion and an opportunity to bring creativity to the record books.
Friday May 26, 1:45pm
James Gilmore, Creative Director at Design Studio Sydney
Scott Serfas, photographer
Sam McIntosh, Co-Founder of Stab magazine

Food - Environmental modelling says we'll starve before we drown, but 1.1 billion people already go to bed hungry every night. So while Silicon Valley sends billions into the next generation of food tech in search of global abundance, what are the current trends in food we need to know about right now?
Saturday May 27, 1:45pm
Caroline Choker, Interior Designer at ACME
Vince Alafaci, Architect at ACME
Stuart Brookshaw, Head of Special Projects at Deliveroo
Ramona Telecian, Supervising Producer at Vice AUNZ

Past Future State topics include Communications, Travel, Immersive Storytelling, Redesiging Cities and Technology. 

Photos by Ilnur Kalimullin, Austin Neill and Annie Spratt

Speakers and Artists

Dan Stricker Musician Sydney, Australia
Danielle Krettek Principal and Founder – Google's Empathy Lab San Francisco, United States
Stu Buchanan Broadcaster & Curator Sydney, Australia
Vince Alafaci & Caroline Choker Architect & interior designer – ACME studio Sydney, Australia

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