Mentor | Mentee

Mentor | Mentee

The Mentor | Mentee relationship is one of the most valuable tools we can have as professionals. It's a mutually beneficial relationship built from trust.

For mentees, it's about finding someone that is able to help maximise your potential, build confidence, develop new skills and improve overall performance in an area that is relatively new. For mentors, it's about sharing knowledge, debating ideas and recommending resources to support another person's career. 

In this session, Christopher Doyle, Josie Young and others open the door on their close collaborators and creators.

Christopher Doyle and Josie Young
Josie Young and Christopher Doyle

Photos Thiago Nogueira

Speakers and Artists

Christopher Doyle
Christopher Doyle Founder, Christopher Doyle & Co. Sydney, Australia
Josie Young
Josie Young Graphic Designer, Christopher Doyle & Co. Sydney, Australia
Robyn Holt
Robyn J. Holt Consultant for project management, strategic thinking and leadership. Sydney, Australia

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