It's only human to want to fit in. To hide what makes you unusual. To change the way you think and act, in favor of how the majority behaves. But when we bury what makes us different, we limit what we can create as a group. Because true creativity and innovation aren't possible without diversity of perspective and experience within a team. Homogenous departments get too predictable outcomes. Diverse departments bring something fresh and new to the fore.

Here, eight inspiring leaders share how they defied conformity, embraced their difference – and reached their fullest potential. One acclaimed artist in residence will create original work for auction. And one ice cream brand serves up a taste of the creative industries


2:00pm      Pōwhiri - Pūoro Jērome
2:15pm      MC Introduction - Robett Hollis
2:25pm      RARE Founders opening words - Stef & Tara 
2:40pm      Keynote - Beth O’Brien - Big difference, big reward
3:10 pm     'This is not a diversity panel' hosted by the Women’s Collective (Tom Feathers, Karen Byrson, Zoe McIntosh, Dr Daniel McAullay)
3:55 pm - 4:10 Break
4:10 pm   Lightening talk - Jo De Fina - 50 Shades of No 
4:30 pm   Keynote - Majority to Minority -Tea Uglow
5:00pm    Taste of diversity: Ice block Art - Craig Jacks 
5:20 pm   Keynote - Flox - Stencil Artist & Live Auction 
5:50 pm   Closing- Pūoro Jērome

Detailed Schedule 

Part One: Big difference, big reward., Beth Obrien
Beth talks about living in the U.S. during the madness of the 2016 presidential elections, including creating work for a presidential campaign, protesting on the streets of New York and D.C., and election night - the moment the world realised Trump was going to win. She’ll also discuss the importance of having different voices in the room, and how embracing her own difference has led to the biggest rewards of her career. 

Part Two: What's more important than diversity?
Four incredible talents take to the stage to talk about something more important than their labels. That is their work. In this session, we'll be inspired by the projects they're most proud of – and discover how unique perspectives can shape work into something unpredictable and fresh.

Part Three: What happens when women try to show men how to change their behaviors?
How does a small group drive an idea to become a global campaign, without any backing? 50 Shades of No is an awareness campaign about enthusiastic consent, conceived, created and driven by the underdogs – a small group tackling a huge iss Fresh from Cannes where 50 Shades of No was the only Australian (or NZ) work to ever be shortlisted for a Glass Lion, Jo talks us through the success of 50 Shades of No and how a small group are making a big difference.


Part Four: From majority to minority, Tea Uglow
'White male privilege' gets thrown around a lot in conversations about diversity. But it's virtually impossible to put it into tangible terms. To understand how it applies, where it starts and ends. That is, unless you had it – and lost it. Here, Tea talks about her experience as a trans woman working in the creative industries, and how it differs from her past.

Part Five: Find your thing, Flox
Originality is king in the art world. But that doesn't mean being different is easy. In this session, one of the country's most prominent modern artists explains how to celebrate your difference – even when it's not the kind ordinarily celebrated.


Aotea Centre

50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, New Zealand

9th Aug 2018

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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