Alt Group

Alt Group x SP

    Semi Permanent has held a special relationship with Alt Group since our inception in 2003. We are now proud to share that Alt Group is our official design & strategy partner.

    Alt Group is a multidisciplinary design studio based in New Zealand. Committed to raising the profile of New Zealand design both locally and internationally.
    Alt has helped conceptualise and deliver on a number of national interest projects including the promotion of New Zealand creative industries for Brand New Zealand, and the brand for the Auckland Art Gallery. Since 2005 Alt’s creative direction has been awarded over 450 international and national awards and has received the highest accolade in New Zealand nine times, The Purple Pin. In 2010 Alt Co-Founder Dean Poole received NZ most Prestigious individual design award the John Britten Black Pin and was later received in 2016 by Co-Founder Ben Corban.