Assignment Group is the result of starting with a blank piece of paper and designing a communications business for today.

Today’s clients, today’s business issues, today’s talent.

In creating Assignment we didn’t just improve or modify – we started again. We didn’t do it lightly and we didn’t do it just to be different.

All our experience led us to the conclusion that clients were no longer consistently receiving the depth of advice or the quality of execution that does justice to the increasing power of communications.

To solve this, we have turned the traditional hierarchy upside down. Rather than simply kick-start, oversee or supervise, our senior people are the people that do the work.

We work best with senior management, solving issues that are important to them. We bring informed, independent advice that brings a fresh perspective to problem solving and opportunity creation. Advice that can be turned into action. We then execute brilliantly.

Our clients span a broad range of companies big and small.

What distinguishes each of them is their desire, from the top down, to break free of a formulaic ‘going through the motions’ approach, to one whereby maximum brainpower and commitment are exerted to achieve real advances.

If this sounds like you, then we should talk.

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