KIRIN Megumi is a premium Japanese lager, and it is the only beer in the world brewed using the First Press brewing method.

The First Press brewing method describes the craft of extracting only the first press of liquid from the malt, when ingredients are at their purest, much like extra virgin olive oil. Most brewers use a blend of first and second pressed malt liquid, however KIRIN is the only beer in the world to use the First Press method. It is this method that has been pioneered and mastered by KIRIN and is how KIRIN gets its crisp, balanced, pure taste.

For over a century, the master craftsmen at KIRIN have honoured the Japanese philosophy of artful simplicity, meticulously crafting premium beers. Now, KIRIN is one of Japan’s most popular local beer brands and is enjoyed in over 40 countries globally. To find out more click here.

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