We've been selling Ultra Fast Broadband plans longer than anyone else. Why? Cause we love new stuff, and fast broadband, and are committed to getting the best broadband to Kiwis - quickly.

Getting fibre installed can be tricky - but we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make it as pain-free as possible.

We're passionate about fibre and great broadband. We think fibre's the best thing since L&P (or potentially good coffee) to be launched in New Zealand and want to make sure everyone gets on board.

Like many start-up success stories, Orcon was launched in a garage, but quickly grew from there.

There's been a stack of innovations and firsts over the years - and it's this innovation that has fuelled Orcon - whether it's being the first to unbundle the local loop (and bring true competition and choice to the market), really easy to use VoIP with Orcon Genius, or being first to launch fibre.

We want to offer Kiwis the best broadband possible - and innovation is the way to drive this.

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