Andrew J. Steel

Contemporary Artist

Andrew J. Steel
Andrew J. Steel is a New Zealand contemporary artist who has produced some of the largest scale artwork projects in New Zealand. His work transcends public arts, private interiors, fine artwork, letterpress, body and digital works.
His approach varies across mediums; interior works are conceived largely by creating the work specific for the client & their space, telling personalised narratives through hieroglyphs. His fine art & public works are largely conceptual and explore wider themes around society, perspective and humour. Digital works invite collaboration with others, and also allows the artist to explore ideas and make work remotely during sabbaticals & exploring outdoors.
Steel believes an artists role is to live a remarkable life and report back on it through their work. We become a remix of our influences & what happens to us in our lives; our choices & our circumstances. Steel is shaped by a complex family life, house fire & suicide. This has defined what relationships, material items and people mean to the artist. Good art is stories, lessons and wounds rendered into elegance. Steels work is escapism, both for himself & others seeking comfort through the arts.