Andy Bateman

Chief Executive Officer ∙ SID LEE

Andy Bateman
Andy has spent the last 25 years helping brands, businesses and teams around the world create the change that drives dramatic growth. He has worked with CEO’s and boards to drive purpose and values into businesses to unlock the power of its people; with leadership teams to work through and give meaning to mergers and acquisitions; he’s helped some major technology brands launch new products, services and build new business models while extinguishing their legacy businesses; and he’s turned around businesses that are stuck - driving growth, providing vision and leadership and globalized their offerings.

After a career in advertising heading up strategic planning and global client leadership roles in New York, London and Australia; Andy moved into the consulting world to run brand consultancy Interbrand in New York, before coming back to Australia to turnaround and build a global footprint for research and strategy consultancy, The Leading Edge. For the last 2 ½ years Andy has headed up customer segment marketing at Telstra – where he was responsible for marketing across all customer segments both domestically and internationally, as well as innovation marketing, awards and Telstra’s customer insight and experience centers.

Andy’s a specialist in the technology sector and his focus is in helping businesses lead through changing market dynamics, find new ways to differentiate themselves and transform their business to unlock the pathways to dramatic growth. As Founder and CEO of Everyone – he runs a consulting business focused on driving dramatic growth through innovation, customer experience design and the application of technology. Andy is a board member of tech start-up Popup Brands & The Dictionary of Sydney which has catalogued, online, the entire history of Sydney. In his spare time feeds his life-long cycling obsession with his own bike shop, racing bikes, running a masters racing team and various fundraising initiatives related to the sport.

Andy Bateman will be joining Vince Frost, CEO & ECD of Frost* Collective on stage to unpack the common challenges faced by many creative businesses.

Break it to make it

What got you here, won’t get you there! At some point in your design business’ journey, you have to break your business in order to make (or re-make) it. If you aren’t prepared to disrupt your own business you risk being left behind as new players come into the market with new and better ideas.

Whether you are a striving business or a start up, this talk will inspire you to re-design your business in an increasingly disrupted market.