Andy Jenkins

Artist and Art Director

Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins1
Andy Jenkins is a multidisciplinary artist and artistic director who creates, orchestrates and collaborates with outstanding multi-media talents for exceptional results. Results which make a difference for a brand, the individuals involved in the process and ultimately, for the people who will see, use and be inspired by the results.
Andy Jenkins spent his formative years moving around with his Air Force family from country to country, city to city, until finally settling in Wyoming. At 17 Jenkins moved to Denver, Colorado where he attended art school before quickly departing to start work as an editor for a new BMX magazine, Freestylin' in Los Angeles, California.

He spent the following decade working in and around magazines, as an editor, writer, illustrator and graphic artist, with his two best friends and partners, Mark Lewman and Spike Jonze. The three co-created lifestyle magazines, Homeboy and Dirt (brother to Sassy magazine). The list of other publications they invaded include, BMX ActionTW SkateboardingTW SnowboardingPoweredgeSnowboarderWarpRaygunLevelDetailsBig BrotherMonster ChildrenGrand Royal and more.
Eventually, Jenkins expanded his publishing skills and founded, Bend Press, a small independent book and magazine company which has several published projects under its belt.
In 1994 he went to work for the Girl Skateboard Company as art director where he helped guide the brand into becoming one of skateboarding's most beloved and influential companies. It was there that he created the infamous Art Dump collective featuring all the artists that contributed the Girl brands over the years. His work with the Art Dump and on a personal level, has been shown in dozens of exhibitions across the globe (Japan, England, Australia, France, Spain, Mexico, Holland) and featured in several books, magazines and videos.
Andy has been a featured artist for brands as diverse as Nike and Oakley to Burton and Product (RED).
He currently sits on the voting community for both the skateboarding and BMX hall of fame.