Chris Wiggins

VP of Product – Spotify website

Today, when people think of music streaming, they’ll probably think of Spotify. The Swedish company is the pioneer of modern music – the instigator of a paradigm shift in its approach to combining music with technology. As Vice President of Product Design, Chris Wiggins is at the forefront of innovation in streaming music. As Spotify looks for ways to monetise the potential of its massive brand reach and recognition across promoted content, ad architecture, optimisation and partnerships, Chris is in control of UX development, making sure that for hundreds of millions of active users – including music publishers – the experience of Spotify is as inspiring and exceptional as it can be.

Auckland 2018

Bigger, better, brighter and back in Auckland.
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Future of the Future

What should New Zealand companies be thinking about to ensure success and relevance in 20, 30 or even 50 years?

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