Dan Portrait

Founder ∙ Kamp Grizzly

Lessons from Semi Permanent 2019-25
Installation by Kamp Grizzly
Executive Creative Director and Kamp Grizzly founder, Dan Portrait, has been disrupting the industry since 2009. Portrait’s artistic upbringing during Portland’s early 90’s hotbed of subcultures, music and film would shape the young creative into the future leader that exists today. In 2007, he established Kamp Grizzly as a haven for future purveyors of alternative culture, modern design and social innovation driven by core principles of diversity and equality.

An advocate for community involvement, Portrait is an active supporter of the Oregon Justice Resource Center as well as lead Charter Investor in the Portland Diamond Project’s mission to bring MLB to Oregon. Always looking to the future, he recently added boutique clothing label Last Heavy and print publication Cult Classic to his portfolio.

When Portrait isn’t honing his craft as a member of the Directors Guild of America under the sponsorship of Darren Aronofsky, he’s taking his wife, Sheena, and their three kids on a mission to try every cheeseburger Oregon has to offer.

Kamp Grizzly

Kamp Grizzly is an independent creative network of 120 in offices on two coasts with an international roster of collaborators from Shanghai to the North Shore. The agency is best known for its forward-thinking cultural and "disruptive" solutions that translate to audiences comprised of incredibly powerful early adopters, influencers, tastemakers, and creatives. Kamp lives in the heart of culture, helping brands embrace and connect with an audience with more nuance and sophistication than ever before. A world where consumers demand more transparency. More value. More control. Kamp Grizzly develops brand platforms, programs and campaigns that are culturally-rooted and youth-focused for clients such as Adidas, Netflix, Apple, Levi’s, and Patron, just to name a few.