Danielle Krettek

Principal and Founder – Google's Empathy Lab

Danielle Krettek is the Founder and Principal of Google's Empathy Lab. She is an award-winning creative force with work across design, technology, film, art, architecture and social impact. Having worked for Nike (W+K), Apple and Google [X], Danielle has brought vibrant humanity, beauty, and emotion to products for 18 years.

In 2016, she launched Google's Empathy Lab to design more emotionally-attuned and human-kind experiences. She believes the future is feeling and is on a mission to bring deep humanity to AI by working with Google's Design, Research and Machine Intelligence (RMI) and Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) teams.  Her personal sources of rocket fuel are modern art, film, neuroscience, indigenous medicine and sixties culture.  Naturally, her spirit animal is a cross between Stevie Nicks, Spike Jonze, and Oprah.

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Googles Empathy Lab

Google's Empathy Lab

Hear from Danielle Krettek, the founder and creator of Google's Empathy Lab, and how she is designing more emotionally-attuned and human-kind experiences

Design Feeling: Emotion as a Language for Design

The founder and principal of Google's Empathy Lab delivers a masterclass in design feeling: empathy and technology.

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