David Campbell

Senior Designer ∙ MONA

David Campbell
David Campbell, Senior Designer at MONA, presented at the Sydney Semi Permanent Creativity and Design Festival in 2018, where the theme was "Creative Tension as Inspiration".
David is a designer with a strong focus on art and conceptually driven work. His work sits across the intersection of design, contemporary arts and culture, and has included identity design, publications, web, VJing, and artist collaborations.

Currently, he is the Senior Designer at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Hobart, Tasmania. Starting shortly after the museum opened seven years ago, he has created visual communications across the spectrum of Mona’s activities, including exhibition identities for artists such as Marina Abramović, Matthew Barney, Christoph Büchel, Cameron Robbins, Yannick Demmerle and Todd McMillan, along with work for its annual music and art festival Mona Foma, Moorilla Winery and Moo Brewery.

Previously, David worked with organisations such as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and Lab Architecture. He has exhibited artwork at Gertrude Contemporary, the Christchurch Biennale and the Artsonje Centre, South Korea (in collaboration with Ash Keating and Dorian Farr), as well as at Citylights (in collaboration with Ben Frost) and at the Nextwave Festival.

He is a strong believer in the idea that it is important to confuse and irritate your audience, and that design should always be honest, up to a certain given value of “honest”.