David Slocum

Academic Director & Program Adviser ∙ RARE GLOBAL - Diversity Initiatives by Google

David Slocum, Ph.D., is Academic Director and Program Adviser at RARE GLOBAL, Diversity Initiatives by Google, where he provides thought leadership and academic support to diverse talent in the creative, design, media, and technology industries. His priorities are to enable and give voice to young and mid-career diverse creative talent through inspiration, skill development, and related learning; and to establish and sustain networks of encouragement and material assistance; and educate industry, and notably senior leaders and other organizational decision-makers, about the business case for diversity and inclusion. David is also a Visiting Professor and Member of the Academic Advisory Board at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Steinbeis University, Germany), where he previously served as Faculty Director. David has nearly twenty years of global experience designing and facilitating training programs, and is a certified executive coach, with a focus on leadership, diversity and inclusion, business creativity, and learning and development.