Duncan Shand

Co-Founder, Young + Shand youngshand.com

Duncan has grown Young + Shand into one of New Zealand's leading Digital Agencies with team of over 60 people, a joint venture development centre in India and grow a software startup in New York.

Duncan started life as an accountant but realised he'd made a mistake went back to university to get a marketing degree and then spent 20 years working in a variety of sales and marketing roles before starting Young + Shand.

This non-traditional background means he can occasionally come up with the occasional piece of wisdom.

Semi Permanent Auckland

Auckland 2016

Including The Future of Business, mind-bending experiences, and speakers from Google Creative Labs, Uber, 72 and Sunny, Graphic Thought Facility, Cleo Wade, Twitter, and many more.

Future of Content

An exploration into the evolving landscape of content platforms

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