Elaina Hamilton

General Manager of Design ∙ Sharesies

Elaina Hamilton, Sharesies — Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2022

Elaina is the General Manager of Design at Sharesies—her team crafts loveable and accessible experiences that motivate investors to grow their wealth.

Elaina has spent two decades working in and around the design community in New Zealand. Early on in her career, she established a design studio known for its strong minimal aesthetics in the style of the International Typographic Style.
Her career has spanned a spectrum of specialisations including visual communication, customer experience design, and product design as well as a variety of sectors including tech, energy, and local government. She has worked inside organisations to build design teams and believes that great design requires advocacy from the inside. She has been a force for change for internal teams to lift the quality and impact of design. She has worked as a design leader for over a decade driving the rebranding of one of New Zealand's biggest brands, Meridian Energy. She has recently taken up the role of General Manager of Design at Sharesies where she manages a team of 25 designers and researchers.