Ellie Bailey

Executive Producer and Director of Business Development ∙ ManvsMachine

ManvsMachine is a multidimensional creative studio specialising in the fields of design, film and visual arts. Their London and Los Angeles studios work closely with the world’s leading brands and agencies to produce award-winning creative content. Adhering to a philosophy of design by doing, ManvsMachine operates on the principle that if you get the most talented people you can find under one roof and maintain a playful spirit, the final product will reflect the joy that was had in its making.

Having spent 15 years working in the London tech start-up and advertising industries, Ellie finally found her forever home at ManvsMachine, where she has been Executive Producer since 2013. She is passionate about technology, creativity and harnessing their intersection to achieve best-in-class communications for clients such as Nike, Apple, Squarespace and Bang&Olufsen.