A Stencil Artist with Fine Art roots, Flox is known for her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers, and her ability to strike a chord with both local kiwi communities and international audiences alike. Her vibrant use of colour combined with the delicacy of hand cut stencil work, makes for a unique and widely appealing aesthetic. “I like to keep my work accessible on all levels” says Flox. As a result of this philosophy, Flox’s artwork is abundant and can be found in private residences, schools, kiwi batches, galleries, and of course as large scale public murals for everyone to admire. “The public walls are a way for me to push myself artistically, respond to specific themes and to bring communities together - it’s always an incredible experience and privilege to use my art as a vehicle to do so”. Flox’s very own showroom Haus Of Flox, can be found in the heart of Grey Lynn Auckland and it is here that the viewer can peruse through her exquisite range of popular hand-painted pieces, limited edition prints, ambient light boxes and ever-expanding product ranges. Employing a vast range of imagery and mediums, and focused consistently on furthering her practice, it’s safe to say Flox is an icon within the New Zealand Art scene.