Hannah Bay

Lead Partner – Spark website

Hannah Bay is a Brand Lead Partner at Spark, where she is part of the team responsible for setting and executing Spark’s brand vision and experience. She was previously a Marketing Manager for L’Oréal New Zealand, and prior to that, Business Director at Colenso BBDO where she worked across several brands including BNZ, The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and Vodafone. Hannah is passionate about brands that have a strong purpose and value the power of creative thinking. Hannah was born and raised in Auckland, graduating from The University of Auckland with a BBIM BCom (Hons).



Homogenous teams produce homogenous outcomes. Diverse teams, built on different perspectives and experiences, get to more original, more innovative ideas – faster. So, by that logic, you’re only as innovative as you are inclusive. In this 90 minute program hosted by Rare, you’ll discover the power of difference, and learn how to work more inclusively – for the good of your work.

Auckland 2019

New Zealand’s most influential creative festival returns.

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