Javier Jaén

Graphic Designer ∙ Estudio Javier Jaén

From studying graphic design and fine arts in Barcelona, New York and Budapest, Javier Jaén has gone on to design editorial illustrations, book covers, and cultural communications for the world’s best-known publications and institutions, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Time, Harvard University, National Geographic, El País, Penguin Random House, Vueling Airlines and UNESCO. With symbolic style and playful language, Javier explores narrative scenarios and aesthetics through the lens of everyday experience – a method that has seen him recognised by AGI Membership (2015), the Society of Illustrators (Illustrators 55, 56), American Illustration (AI33, AI34) Print magazine (New Visual Artist 2013), Junceda Award (2013), and the Gràffica Award (2010). He has also participated in exhibitions in New York, London, El Salvador, Tallinn, Rome and Barcelona.