Jazlyn Fung and Tony Wong

Typography & Graphic Designer

Jazlyn Fung and Tong Wong
Jazlyn and Tony - Typeface
Semi Permanent Sydney - 12 August 2021, 5:00 pm - Carriageworks
Jazlyn and Tony are originally from Hong Kong. Jazlyn is a Sydney/Melbourne-based type designer and graphic designer. The creator of 'Limpid', 'Fat Font'. Jazlyn’s contrasting methods of graphic communication—which developed from her years of experience in branding, environmental graphics in Hong Kong and Australia. Tony is a strong discipline for Wayfinding design with over 8 years of experience in Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. Typography design connects Tony and Jazlyn. In this unusual moment during a pandemic. They are using their daily experience with different design background and aspects to experiment with different typography and logotype design.
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