Juliette Hogan

Designer and Founder ∙ Juliette Hogan

Celebrating 14 years in business, the Juliette Hogan brand has a unique place in the market where her standing in the industry is strong and her brand is fresh, exciting and growing at a rapid pace. Juliette Hogan designs what the modern women want. Her clothing isn’t overcomplicated, or overstyled; it conveys a contemporary simplicity with a focus on cut, cloth, craftsmanship - Juliette is renowned for her expert use of beautiful natural fibers, signature prints and flawless tailoring She masters a feminine aesthetic that is grounded by the masculine. Each piece is precisely designed and finished for form and function. Juliette’s clothing is designed to be worn; cleverly considered for suitability to a myriad of occasions.

Juliette founded her eponymous label after completing her studies at Parsons School of Design and now boasts four stores within New Zealand, all beautifully designed to mirror the Juliette Hogan aesthetic with clean lines, bespoke cabinetry and precise detailing creating a gallery-like environ likened to that of international luxury retail spaces. The Juliette Hogan follower can now also buy into the JH lifestyle, having expanded her offering to eyewear, luxury luggage sets, cashmere loungewear, denim and cushions.