Kate Sylvester

Fashion Designer

Kate Sylvester
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Kate Sylvester’s eponymous fashion label embodies intelligence, witty irreverence, sophistication and modern femininity. Her collections challenge nostalgic sensibilities with modern use of colour, cut and exclusive in-house prints.

Ever the subtle subversive, Kate Sylvester plays off disparate references, seamlessly stitching sportswear with couture, menswear with womenswear, pop culture with history, high art with punk rock. Her resulting collections are at once eccentric, beautiful, intelligent and built to last a lifetime not a season.

Kate Sylvester takes a kind, considered approach to all aspects of business practice, recognising her responsibility to the people, the environment and the community she lives in.

Since Kate Sylvester’s inception in 1993, she has become an iconic fashion industry figure renowned for her intelligent, feminine designs. In 2019, she co-founded Mindful Fashion New Zealand. In 2008, she received an honorary doctorate from Massey University and was inducted into its hall of fame.